• This is our classic website

    As a forward-looking company, PostBeeld is constantly looking for ways to improve its connection with what is, for PostBeeld, the most important part of its business – its customers.
    Thus, in 2015 PostBeeld launched a new version of its website, which had many advantages over this old version.

    These technological improvements included:

    • Improved search facility
    • Wishlists
    • The addition of a ‘related products’ option when viewing items
    • The possibility of purchasing coins and banknotes
    • Compatibility with tablet computers and smartphones
    • The availability of more payment methods
    • Introduction of more language options
    • Ability to see prices in different currencies

    Using our new website with all options is strongly recommanded. See link in bar above.

    We will maintain a ‘Lean and Mean’ version of the old site for affected customers’use. Although ordering will still be possible via the old site, it will not be possible to create Wishlists. Also, the trading credit facility and many other features will not be available.

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